Maintaining Your Down Duvet

The beauty of owning a luxury down duvet is not only in its appearance, but also in its utility- you know you will use it every night for years to come! Whether that is 5 or 15 years depends not only on the quality (though that is an important factor), but also on how well the duvet is maintained.

Follow our tips to ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment of your down duvet.

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Air and Dry? Yes!

Maintaining a down duvet is easy. By periodically airing and shaking your duvet out you will keep the filling airy and loose.

Air pockets insulate your duvet, so airing and shaking out daily is highly recommended. Airing your duvet during dry weather prevents your duvet from becoming moist. However, you should never leave your duvet hanging in bright sunlight. Sunlight draws out moisture from down and feathers, causing them to lose their elasticity which will then lead to a less comfortable duvet. In winter time you can place your duvet on the central heating, but make sure the temperature does not exceed body temperature.

When down clumps together, you can shake it loose by hand or put it in a dryer with a dampened (and well wrung) towel. The warm, moist air in the dryer loosens the tufts of down and creates airiness without losing fill power.

Beat and Vacuum? No!

Never use a carpet beater or vacuum cleaner on your down duvet. The compact weave of the ticking will keep your duvet dust free. It is more than sufficient to lightly brush down your duvet by hand every now and then. If you beat or vacuum your duvet, pores in the ticking will expand and the feathers and down might come out.

Most duvets are machine washable

Washing Machine? Maybe

Most down duvets are machine-washable, but always check the washing instructions printed on the label. If it says not to wash the duvet, then don’t. For machine-washable duvets, simply wash in the machine, tumble dry (with some tennis balls) shake out and it's ready to go! You may also choose to take your duvet to a professional dry-cleaner if your duvet is able to be dry-cleaned.

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Try to minimise cleaning as much as possible. A duvet does not benefit from over-cleaning.

A Last Note

If you wish to enjoy your down duvet for as long as possible, then always lie underneath it. Never lie on top of it as this can decrease the elasticity of the down.

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