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Dauny is the flagship duvet line of the famous Billerbeck Company, Swiss bedding experts since 1921. Switzerland is universally regarded for its luxury goods and duvets are no exception, with Dauny leading the charge. Dauny duvets are crafted conscientiously, both through Billerbeck’s sustainable policies which seek to safeguard the environment, and through the company’s prioritisation of the care and comfort of customers, who sleep soundly under Dauny down duvets.

  • Dauny-Excellence-Deluxe

    Dauny Excellence

    Filling:100% white goose down
    Fill power:720 cuin
    Fabric:100% mulberry silk, 26 mommes, satin weave, colour: champagne
    from £1,645.00
  • Dauny-Excellence-Deluxe

    Dauny Excellence Deluxe

    Filling:100% white goose down
    Fill power:800 cuin
    Fabric:100% mulberry silk, 26 mommes, jacquard weave, pattern: waves
    from £2,428.00
  • Dauny-Eiderdown

    Dauny Eiderdown

    Filling:100% Icelandic eiderdown
    Fill power:N/A
    Fabric:100% mulberry silk, 24 mommes, jacquard weave, pattern: roses
    from £2,703.00

Swiss Quality Bedding

The Dauny duvet line has a simple motto: those who sleep well, enjoy life. We certainly hold that to be true. Sleeping under a Dauny duvet is a luscious experience, each one filled with 100% down and encased in sumptuous mulberry silk. What’s more, the Billerbeck Sleep and Health Foundation makes healthy, rewarding sleep a priority, ensuring that every Dauny duvet incorporates the latest findings in sleep research.

A Century of Excellence

Billerbeck traces its history to 1921, when Heinrich Billerbeck and Paul Dültgen founded a down factory in Wuppertal, Germany. In Switzerland a year later, Jakob Müller-Imhoof opened a family workshop in Zurich-Altstetten producing handmade duvets. Both businesses would grow over the 20th century, and in 1995 they merged, combining the best of their respective decades of experience. Today they are known world-wide for their luxury bedding, with the Dauny line of duvets front and centre.

The Collection

We are proud to offer three Dauny duvets, the quality of each reflected in their names: the Dauny Excellence, the Dauny Excellence Deluxe, and the Dauny Eiderdown.

Dauny Excellence

Excellence is standard for Dauny, which is why they named their main duvet accordingly. 100% white goose down wrapped in marvellous mulberry silk will have you sleeping like a baby.

Dauny Excellence Deluxe

Why settle for excellence when you can do even better? Dauny doesn’t. The Dauny Excellence Deluxe takes good sleep a step further, with exceptional 800 CUIN fill power and a unique, ornate silk casing.

Dauny Eiderdown

The best of the best: Dauny Eiderdown. Lovers of the sumptuous Icelandic export need look no further than Dauny’s offering. Gorgeous Eiderdown encased in rose-embroidered silk, this duvet is the epitome of luxury.

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