Can You Refill A Down Duvet? 6 Steps

Is it possible to refill a down duvet? The answer is yes! Nevertheless, there are a few caveats.

down manufacturer Our washing and refilling department (Aglasterhausen, Germany)

Can All Down Duvets Be Refilled?

Unfortunately, most down duvets are not suitable for refilling. Whether your duvet is suitable or not for refilling depends on how it was originally constructed. A duvet stitched in squares cannot be refilled. The stitches need to be loosened to extract the down and after that the duvet cannot be made down-tight. Furthermore, a duvet with a worn out ticking cannot be refilled. It becomes a false economy with which the benefits do not balance with the risk that the duvet will no longer be down-tight.

What Do We Mean by Refilling a Down Duvet?

A refilled duvet can last for years. The refilling process involves:

– Emptying the duvet
– Washing the ticking
– Separating the good down tufts from the weakened ones
– Washing the down
– Adding new down
– Filling the ticking