Our 100 Days Happiness Guarantee

woman, smiling, with long, brown, curly hair lying on a bed

Though each model is unique, every duvet on our website promises to turn your nights into luxury experiences. After thousands of satisfied customers, we also know that you may need some time to evaluate your duvet.

We don’t always recognise right away the things which make us happy. For that reason, you have 100 days to decide whether you are happy with your down duvet. If you decide it doesn’t make you happy within that period, read our returns page to learn how we will make it up to you with a full refund. Customers buying down pillows have 14 days to make use of our happiness guarantee.

Happiness is impossible to quantify. For that reason, we don’t attach any terms or conditions to our guarantee. Only you can judge whether you yourself are happy with something. It’s as simple as that. If our products or services do not leave you feeling happy, we will make amends. Whether this means exchanging your order for a different duvet or getting your money back is your decision. Simply let us know. That is our happiness guarantee.

neatly made bed with purple sheets and pillows in front of a window overlooking a green meadow

If, after trying out your new duvet or pillow, you do not feel a vital spark of joy from your duvet or pillow, we will take it back, no questions asked. All customers will get a full refund and we will cover the cost of returning the item for those within Europe.

We will happily answer all questions about our products, before, during and after the period covered by our happiness guarantee. Do you have questions about our products or want to know more about our policies? Simply send an email to info@downduvet.co.uk. We always do our absolute best to answer your questions promptly and in full.

5 year guarantee

We’ve been selling duvets from the same artisan suppliers for over 10 years. All this experience has shown us not only that the duvets we offer are exceptional, but also that they last. So we have decided to offer a 5 year guarantee on all our duvets. Most will last twice as long, but if by chance something goes wrong along the way, we will make amends and replace any product which loses its quality before its time. Our duvets come from the best German and Austrian workshops, and each has proven time and again that they surpass the competition in terms of quality and craftsmanship.