Duvet Sizes UK

For a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep, selecting the right duvet size is crucial. Explore our guide to find the perfect fit for your bed and ensure a restful slumber.

Picking the right duvet size is the simplest step in choosing your new down duvet. Duvet sizes correspond to bed sizes, so simply select a duvet that matches your bed. If you’re unsure what size bed you have, take a look at the table below.

An undersized down duvet is a recipe for cold feet and exposed arms, but go too big and you might spend your nights feeling smothered. It’s better to be wrapped up comfortably in a duvet perfectly tailored to you. If you like the size of your current duvet, just check the tag to see which size you need.

Standard Sizes

Here’s a breakdown of down duvet sizes corresponding to standard bed types, along with some exotic sizes, since we ship all over the world:

Size Imperial (inches) Metric (cm)
Single 54 x 79 135 x 200
Double 79 x 79 200 x 200
King 91 x 87 230 x 220
Super King 102 x 87 260 x 220
Emperor 114 x 92 290 x 235
International Size 53 x 87 135 x 220
International Size 79 x 87 200 x 220
International Size 94 x 87 240 x 220
International Size 98 x 98 248 x 248
International Size 114 x 92 290 x 235

For a double bed, we recommend a down duvet that covers the entire width of your mattress, plus a few additional centimetres for good measure. You should take into consideration the width of your bed and also whether or not the duvet will be used by more than one person – just to make sure you are both well covered at night! If you have any doubts about the right duvet size, we recommend you opt for one that’s a little larger than what you think you need.

Make sure there's enough width when sharing a duvet

Measuring Bed Dimensions

Since beds come in many different shapes and sizes, we recommend that you manually measure your bed before selecting your ideal duvet. Simply take a tape measure and note the length and width of the mattress.

Please note that if your mattress measures 200cm by 200cm and you order a duvet of this size, then it will fit the mattress precisely without draping over the sides of the bed. As such, if your dream duvet has extra room on the sides, then you will need to order a duvet which is slightly larger than your mattress.

Made to Measure

Place your order with specifications that match your unique needs. Enjoy the benefit of a custom-made duvet at no additional cost, although please allow a bit more time for its creation. We suggest considering Dickenbergh (including Dickenbergh Manufaktur) and Falkenreck for bespoke duvets crafted to your preferences. These brands offer made-to-order duvets without extra charges, ensuring you get precisely what you want. Keep in mind, custom-made duvets are tailored to individual specifications and therefore are not returnable.

Down Duvet Buying Guide

Choose your perfect down duvet in 4 simple steps.

  1. Duvet Size: Which size do I need?
  2. Tog Rating: Pick the right tog
  3. Fill Power: Understanding fill power
  4. Duvet Fabric: Quality fabric for comfort

Compare all down duvets by price, size, season, brand, fill power, fabric, and down type.

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