Combatting Cold Feet in Bed

While it is common for most people to occasionally experience cold feet, it is a persistent and intractable problem for others. From poor circulation and nervous system disorders to diabetes and hormonal imbalances, there are many potential causes for prolonged and problematic cold feet. In all instances, professional advice should be sought to identify the root cause of the problem.

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Prevention of Cold Feet

Going to bed with freezing cold feet is never a pleasant prospect – especially during the colder months of the year. So what exactly can those affected by this common condition do to minimise discomfort?

Well, experts advise proactivity and the adoption of a few beneficial daily habits. These habits include:

  • Never wear shoes or socks that are too tight, as this can restrict blood flow and make the feet feel even colder.
  • Remain active as much as possible throughout the day, perhaps going for a short stroll each evening before bed.
  • Treat yourself to a foot massage, either from a professional or a willing loved one!
  • Use a foot spa or foot bath with warm water to gently combat the feeling of cold feet, both during the day and before going to bed.
  • Wear warming socks. Focus more on the quality of the material than their thickness.

Heading to Bed

If your feet are still cold after heading to bed, then there are various options available for warming them up as you go to sleep. Along with high-quality thermal socks, you could try using a hot water bottle underneath your feet. Alternatively, an electric blanket can be an extremely effective alternative, although this is probably something you’d prefer not to use all night long.

An additional option that’s great for night-long use is a premium duvet, designed specifically to retain as much heat as possible and keep your feet warm throughout the night.

Down Duvets with Extra Warm Foot Ends

Because we receive so many questions about cold feet and how to minimise discomfort, we asked some of our workshops to think about a possible solution. Lucky for us and for you, our proposal piqued the interests of Kauffmann and Dickenbergh. Not only did they set about creating a special product for individuals with problematic cold feet, but they insisted on creating an entire range of duvets covering every possible customer need.

Dickenbergh and Kauffmann

As of right now, the complete collection of Kauffmann and the Manufaktur series of Dickenbergh are available with extra warm foot ends.

For these special edition duvets an additional 30% or 20% down is added to the bottom rows of the quilt, according to your preferences. This additional down provides enhanced, consistent, and reliable warmth around the feet. The rest of the duvet remains exactly the same as its counterparts from the standard collection.

Each of these quilts is made upon request, customised to your exact specifications.

For more information or to order an outstanding quality duvet with extra warmth and insulation around the feet, please get in touch with our helpful customer service team today.