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Dickenbergh Manufaktur

In addition to the standard collection, we are proud to be the exclusive provider of Dickenbergh’s Manufaktur Collection.

These duvets are among the lightest and most luxurious on the market, promising a restful sleep.

The Manufaktur Collection is named in honour of the traditional techniques used to produce these sumptuous duvets. Each of these hand-stitched duvets is a proud testament to the skill and commitment of Dickenbergh’s craftspeople.

  • Dickenbergh-Manufaktur-730-Summer-Plus

    Dickenbergh Manufaktur 730

    Filling:100% Hungarian goose down
    Fill power:730 cuin
    Fabric:Nano down batiste, 100% cotton, Ne 120
    from £275.00
  • Dickenbergh-Manufaktur-800

    Dickenbergh Manufaktur 800

    Filling:100% Hungarian goose down
    Fill power:800 cuin
    Fabric:Premium batiste, 100% cotton, Ne 150
    from £311.00
  • Dickenbergh-Eiderdown

    Dickenbergh Manufaktur Eiderdown

    Filling:100% Icelandic eiderdown
    Fill power:N/A
    Fabric:Premium batiste, 100% cotton, Ne 150
    from £1,435.00

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