Frequently Asked Questions

Which Down Duvet is Right for Me?

First and foremost, a down duvet should instil a feeling of luxury and help provide a comfortable night’s sleep. To sleep well, one must feel neither too warm nor too cold. Therefore, the right duvet for you depends on the climate in which you live, your house’s climate, and your personal tendency to feel chills and/or sweats. You will find more advice in our duvet guide.

Will Down Aggravate My Dust Mite Allergy?

Well-treated down (cleaned and thoroughly dusted) will have no adverse effect on people with dust mite allergy. If you are allergic to down and feathers (though very few people are), then a down duvet is not the right option for you.
Here you will find more information about duvets and allergy.

How Long Will My Down Duvet Last?

A down duvet lasts about 10 years. In the old days, a down duvet was cleaned and refilled every 7 to 10 years. This is still possible for certain duvets, but isn’t done frequently.

Is White Down Better Than Grey or Mixed Down?

No. White down is more popular because some consumers dislike the grey and brown down tufts that can shine through a duvet. In fact, this rarely occurs. Nonetheless, grey or brown down is sometimes stitched into a coloured duvet fabric.

How Should I Maintain My Down Duvet?

There are a few things you can do to make your down duvet last longer. Regular airing of the duvet is one. The best way is to air your duvet in the open air, but never in direct sunlight. Shaking the duvet out makes sure the down spreads equally throughout the squares. If you are not using the duvet, put it away in the original bag (or at least a bag it can air in) in a dry place.

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