Falkenreck Pillows

Falkenreck applies the same care and diligence to crafting pillows that they do to making their excellent duvets. They even make pillows with 100% down, which few others are bold enough to do. Though certainly not for everyone, their all-down pillows are probably the softest you’ve ever slept on. For the stomach sleeper who craves a delicate sleep experience there is nothing else like it.

Being composed entirely of down they are eminently airy, allowing you to breathe easy and relax. It’s like sleeping on a cloud- especially if you’re also wrapped in a down duvet!

  • Falkenreck pillow 30% down 30% feathers

    Falkenreck 30

    Advice:Stomach & Back sleeper
    Filling:30% goose down, 70% goose feather
    Fabric:White Mako cambric, 100% cotton
    Fill weight: 700 - 800 g
    from £ 65.00 ex VAT
  • Falkenreck Pillow 100% down

    Falkenreck 100

    Advice:Stomach sleeper
    Filling:100% duck down
    Fabric:Fine down batiste, 100% cotton, Ne 80
    Fill weight: 420 - 500 g
    from £ 104.00 ex VAT