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Winter Duvet (12.0 Tog)

Winter duvets are voluminous and warm enough to protect you from winter chills. Designed to shelter you from the cold without compromising on comfort and breathability, they are suitable for use during the colder months of the year and in unheated or poorly insulated bedrooms. These premium down duvets are constructed using the baffle-box technique, a method which provides optimal insulation using the softest of materials. Premium-quality down has exceptionally high fill power, meaning it does more with less, providing better insulation without extra weight. Duvets with 100% down filling will be even lighter while providing just as much warmth, if not more, than those with 90% down.

Available in all sizes from single to super king, these duvets are the ideal protection for harsh winter nights. All our duvets are premium products with natural filling of at least 90% down and are produced in workshops which exercise extensive quality control and maintain high standards of excellence.

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What makes a good Winter down duvet?

Medium to Large Boxes

The size of the ‘boxes’ which make up a down duvet is a good visual indicator of its relative warmth. The more filling within one of these quilted squares (down chambers), the more efficient the insulation it provides. Therefore Winter duvets will generally have fewer boxes than summer duvets. The boxes will in turn be much larger. As a standard, a 135 cm x 200 cm Winter duvet will have either 48 boxes arranged in an 6 x 8 grid, or 24 in a 4 x 6 grid. Remember that fill power is the ultimate measure of insulation. Expressed in CUIN, the higher the fill power, the more efficient a duvet is at trapping warmth with the least volume of filling required.


Ventilation refers to the air permeability of a down duvet. Winter duvets are sewn with baffles of 3 to 4 cm in length, which allows the down to expand to its maximum capacity and prevents air from escaping through the seams.

Tog Rating

We use tog rating as an easy-to-understand measurement of insulation. A higher tog means that a duvet is suitable for colder environments. A tog rating of 12.0 indicates a warm, Winter duvet. More information can be found on our page about the tog system.

Down Quality

European Standard EN 12934 regulates the categorisation and naming of the filling material in bedding based on the proportion of new down and the types of poultry used. Only down fillings of Class 1 may bear the quality rating "new". All products on are filled with the best, Class 1 filling.


Experience shows that duvets with ticking of Ne 30 or higher are suitable for use by people with dust mite allergies. Premium down comforters have high-quality covers ranging from Ne 40 to Ne 155. On this website, you can see the Ne of each duvet under its product details. Additional protection is provided by duvets with the NOMITE label, which we recommend for allergy sufferers.