Tog Rating: How to Choose the Best Tog for Your Duvet

All duvets at are classified with the tog system. Tog, or thermal overall grade, is a measurement of the heat retention capability of a fabric. In this case, the down or feathers within the duvet. A higher tog rating means a warmer duvet.

Choosing the right tog is important, because if you’re too hot or too cold in bed, you won’t get a good night’s sleep. Keep reading to find out which tog is best for you.

The quality of the down, the down weight and the method of construction (box stitched or baffle box) define the insulation capacity of a duvet. Because there are slight differences between the various brands, here is a closer look at the tog rate of each type of down duvet.

Thermal classes

4.5 Tog: The Summer Duvet

The Summer duvet is a box stitched, very light duvet to keep you cool whilst maintaining a comfortable covering during the summer months. Excellent moisture regulation, with 90-100% down ensures you get the best sleep on a hot night. A tog rating of 4.5 is suitable for warm bedrooms.

The lightest and coolest of summer duvets are those from Dickenbergh, Falkenreck, Dickenbergh Manufaktur and Kauffmann 1st Class.

The Summer duvets of Kauffmann, Otto Keller and Bielefelder Verse are a little bit warmer.

6.0 Tog: The SummerPlus Duvet

The SummerPlus duvet is a box stitched, light duvet. Suitable for a longer period than just summer, the SummerPlus is great from late spring to early autumn, or with the heating on during colder months.

The coolest SummerPlus duvets are those from Otto Keller and those from Dickenbergh.

Medium warm SummerPlus duvets are made by Kauffmann and Falkenreck.

9.0 Tog: The Spring/Autumn Duvet

The Spring/Autumn duvet is a medium-warm duvet suitable for a lot of people during most of the year. The 9.0 tog duvets from DownDuvet can be box stitched (Otto Keller and some Kauffmann) or baffle box like the other duvets in this thermal class. These slightly heavier duvets keep you comfortably warm during cooler times, but not too hot when the nights are warmer.

The coolest spring/autumn duvets are those from Otto Keller, Bielefelder Verse and Kauffmann 1st Class.

Medium warm spring/autumn duvets are made by Dickenbergh, Falkenreck and Dickenbergh Manufaktur.

The warmest Spring/Autumn duvets are made by Kauffmann.

12.0 Tog: The Winter Duvet

The Winter duvet is a lovely warm duvet for the cold bedroom or for those who easily feel a chill. At 12.0 tog, our winter duvets will keep you cosy during the cold winter months. The extra weight of these duvets makes them a comforting companion for wrapping yourself up in and dozing off. The winter duvet is a standard baffle box, stitched one with bands between 2 and 6 centimetres that gives the duvet optimal insulation.

The lightest and least warm winter duvets are those from Dickenberg and Kauffmann 1st Class.

Medium warm Winter duvets are made by Kauffmann, Otto Keller, Falkenreck, Bielefelder Verse and Dickenbergh Manufaktur.

15.0 Tog: The WinterPlus Duvet

The WinterPlus duvet is ideal for those who want the warmest of all duvets, the 15.0 tog value of the WinterPlus duvet is perfectly suitable for the coldest climates and toughest winters. We seldom recommend these duvets though, as in modern houses with central heating this duvet will be too warm, unless you specially require a lot of extra warmth.

The lightest and least warm WinterPlus duvets are those from Dickenberg and Kauffmann 1st Class.

Medium warm WinterPlus duvets are made by Kauffmann, Otto Keller, Falkenreck, Bielefelder Verse and Dickenbergh Manufaktur.

The All Seasons Duvet

The all seasons duvet is an exotic species. This duo-duvet, as it’s known in Germany, consists of two duvets with with different Tog ratings, that can be used separately or combined to form a warm winter duvet.

Throughout the summer months, the lighter of the two duvets keeps you cool and fresh, while the heavier one is perfect for spring and autumn nights when the weather begins to change. Once winter comes, you can couple the two with buttons to create a warmer, more substantial duvet to keep cosy all winter.

Is a Higher Tog Rating Better?

Tog doesn’t measure the quality of a duvet, or how comfortable the fabric will feel against your skin. Nor is it an indicator of the weight of a duvet. Tog tells you how efficiently a specific material (or duvet) will trap warmth. This is known as thermal resistance. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will feel. Even though tog ratings are a good indicator of how warm you’ll be under a duvet, it’s important to understand that tog is measured under laboratory conditions. Making sure the duvet covers your bed sufficiently is also an important consideration when determining how warm a given duvet will be.

Another factor that can affect how warm a duvet actually feels is the overall quality of its fabrication. A poorly constructed duvet made from cheap materials might have a certain tog rating when brand new and measured in a laboratory, but after a few uses this low quality duvet may lose some of it’s capacity for thermal resistance.

When buying a duvet, remember that a high-quality down duvet will keep you comfortable in bed for many years.

How Tog Is Measured

Tog is measured by applying heat to one side of a fabric, and measuring the heat flow to the other side. The tog-value of a down duvet is equal to ten times the temperature difference between its two faces (in degrees Celsius) when the flow of heat across it is equal to one watt per m².

Testing the tog ratings of duvets requires highly precise measurements to be taken, and typically involves spreading the duvet over a large rectangular hotplate with the temperature is set to 32.5 - 33.5°C, and the ambient temperature is set to 19.5 - 20.5°C, and measuring the temperature of at least five points to acquire an average thermal resistance over the material.

Down Duvet Buyers Guide

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  2. Tog: Choose the right tog
  3. Fill power: What is Fill Power?
  4. Duvet fabric: Good down belongs in a good fabric

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