Otto Keller Classic

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  • Worldwide Delivery
  • 4.93 / 5.00

Product Information

BrandOtto Keller
Fill Weight1140 g, 1224 g, 1340 g, 1400 g, 1600 g, 1640 g, 1830 g, 2240 g, 300 / 450 g, 300 g, 450 / 675 g, 450 g, 550 / 800 g, 550 g, 600 / 920 g, 600 g, 650 g, 675 g, 750 / 1140 g, 750 g, 800 g, 900 g, 920 g, 975 g
Filling90% Duck down
Fill Power500 cuin
Washing Instructions60°C washable
StitchingSewn through, Stitched with inner baffles, 1,5 cm
FabricMako cambric, 100% cotton, Ne 60
Textile CertificationOEKO-TEX® Standard 100
DeliveryUK & Europe: 8 to 10 working days. Rest of the world: up to 10 days extra
Anti-AllergySuited, Nomite™ Certified
Guarantee5 Years
NmNe 60
Filling90% European duck down, 10% small feathers
TraceabilityYes, DownPass certified

Product Description

The duvets from Otto Keller's Classic range are filled with 90% duck down and 10% small feathers, offering a combination of softness and support.

The outer fabric construction is made of Mako cambric cotton, a lightweight and fine-textured fabric known for its smooth surface. The Mako cambric fabric is particularly suitable for hot summer nights and cold winter nights. It helps regulate moisture by drawing it away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Whether you're experiencing the warmth of summer or the chill of winter, the duvet's premium fabric contributes to a pleasant sleeping environment.

Otto Keller

Otto Keller is what is referred to in German as a “vollstufige” (vertically integrated) down facility. This means that all production steps, from the preparation of the raw material to the assembly of the final down duvet, are carried out in-house. Thanks to its experience and scale, Otto Keller is able to produce excellent products at competitive prices.

5 Year Guarantee on All Duvets

We've been selling duvets from the same artisan suppliers for over 15 years. All this experience has shown us not only that the duvets we offer are exceptional, but also that they last. So we have decided to offer a 5 year guarantee on all our duvets.