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Eiderdown Duvet

The most exclusive, most luxurious duvets are filled with eiderdown. With down hand-picked from wild birds’ nests in Iceland and Greenland, they also represent the most harmonious relationship between Man and Nature. Each year, all across the Arctic, eider ducks return to their ancestral breeding grounds. When the breeding season ends, the nests are abandoned and local workers collect the left-behind down feathers by hand, just as they have done for hundreds of years. These precious tufts of down, the strongest, most insulating found anywhere, enable the ducks to thrive in the most frigid corner of the earth. Learn more about the magic of eiderdown.

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  • Dauny Eiderdown Summer Single

    Dauny Eiderdown Summer Single
    100% Eiderdown
    Fill power:
    Fill weight:
    240 g
    Mulberry silk
    4.5 Tog
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