Choose the Size of your Down Duvet

Choosing the correct size down duvet for your bed doesn't need to be difficult, although it’s important to give it some thought before buying one. It’s simply a case of taking into account the size of your bed and ordering a duvet that will give you plenty of coverage and comfort.

Here’s a quick breakdown of exact duvet sizes in accordance with standard types:

Standard Sizes Size (cm) Size (inch)
Single duvet 135 x 200 54 x 79
Double duvet 200 x 200 79 x 79
King duvet 230 x 220 91 x 87
Super King duvet 260 x 220 102 x 87
Emperor duvet 290 x 235 114 x 92
UK Duvet Single Double King Super King Emperor
Size (cm) 135 x 200 200 x 200 230 x 220 260 x 220 290 x 235
Size (inch) 54 x 79 79 x 79 91 x 87 102 x 87 114 x 92

For a double bed, we suggest a down duvet that covers the entire width of your mattress plus a few additional centimetres for good measure. If you have any doubt about the right duvet size, it’s always advisable to go for one that’s a little larger than you need. What’s more, think carefully about width if the quilt is to be shared by more than one person – just to make sure you are all well covered during the night!

Single or double duvet

Measuring Bed Dimensions

As beds come in different shapes and sizes these days, it’s a good idea to manually measure your bed before selecting your ideal duvet. Simply take a tape measure and record the length and width of the top of the bed and the mattress.

Try to remember that if your mattress measures 200cm by 200cm and this is the quilt size you order, it will fit the mattress precisely with no additional drape over the edges. As such, if you would prefer the quilt to drape over the sides of the bed, you will need to order a slightly larger duvet than the mattress size.

Duvet Guide

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