Dickenbergh Westfalen

90% Westphalian goose down duvet

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Product Information

Weight 1000 g



90% Goose down

Fill Power

600 cuin

Washing Instructions

40°C washable


Mako cambric, 100% cotton, Ne 60

Textile Certification

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


UK & Europe: 10 to 12 working days. Rest of the world: up to 10 days extra


Suited, Nomite™ Certified


5 Years


Ne 60


90% Westphalian goose down, 10% small feathers

Product Description

Westphalia is known for its honest and hard work. That is exactly what the Dickenbergh Westfalen stands for. This duvet’s high quality filling is made up of 90% goose down, wrapped in neatly crafted cotton fabric measuring at a good old fashioned Ne 60.

The cotton is woven by Siretessile, Italy, where the artisans are known for their production of high-quality fabrics. It is slightly firmer than that in duvets with a higher Ne rating, with a mild luster on the surface. It has a good grip, which doesn’t take away from the general softness and comfort of the fabric. The duvet also has a slight but noticeable rustle to it. If the sound of gently rustling fabrics is music to your ears, this is a good duvet for you. If you’re looking for something that won’t produce as much sound when rustled, it may be best to look for a duvet with a higher Ne, ideally Ne 90.

A true classic and Dickenbergh bestseller, the Westfalen is a great quality duvet at a reasonable price. For this reason it has been a bestseller in the Dickenbergh collection for many years.

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