Differences in Tog

The quality of the down, the down weight and the method of construction (box stitched or baffle box) define the insulation capacity of a duvet.

Because there are slight differences between the various brands, here is a closer look at the tog rate of each type of down duvet.

Summer Duvets, 4.5 Tog

Summer duvets

The lightest and coolest of summer duvets are those from Dickenbergh, Falkenreck, Dickenbergh Manufaktur and Kauffmann 1st Class.

The summer duvets of Kauffmann, Otto Keller and Bielefelder Verse are a little bit warmer.

SummerPlus Duvets, 6.0 Tog

Summerplus duvets

The coolest SummerPlus duvets are those from Otto Keller and those from Dickenbergh.

Medium warm SummerPlus duvets are made by:

Spring/Autumn Duvets, 9.0 Tog

spring/autumn duvets

The coolest spring/autumn duvets are those from Otto Keller, Bielefelder Verse and Kauffmann 1st Class.

Medium warm spring/autumn duvets are made by:

The warmest spring/autumn duvets are made by:

Winter Duvets, 12.0 Tog

winter duvets

The lightest and least warm winter duvets are those from:

Medium warm winter duvets are made by:

WinterPlus Duvets, 15.0 Tog

WinterPlus duvets

WinterPlus duvets come from Bielefelder Verse and Dickenbergh Manufaktur. These are even warmer than our winter duvets.