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Super King Duvet

Browse our selection of soft and luxurious Super King duvets, with over 100 products to choose from you will find your perfect down duvet for optimum comfort. Super King duvets are traditionally 260 x 220 cm or 54 x 79 inches. They are made to fit a Super King mattresses of 180 x 200 cm or 5 ft 10”x 6 ft 6”. We have lightweight models for every season as well as a convertible all-in one duvet for all year round. We offer Super King duvets in goose, duck and eiderdown from a variety of excellent and reputable brands including Kauffmann, Dickenbergh and Falkenreck.

Did you know? Nowadays people enjoy having a large bed to socialise, for instance watch a TV show with family or chat with friends. But as it turns out during the middle ages in wealthy households it was quite common for royal or wealthy owners to remain in bed to receive visitors, eat meals and carry on business as well! Also good to know: don’t underestimate the importance of a good pillow. Depending on the way you sleep you might favour different fillings and if you have a Super King mattress it is important to choose the matching King pillows to make sure there are no gaps on the sides of the bed. Check out our pillow guide for more info.

Enjoy the bliss of a quality Super King size duvet sourced from the best material and exceptional attention to detail down to the very last stitch, guarantee 5 years and with custom sizing free of charge. With exceptional customer service and free returns up to 100 days, let us help you find your perfect duvet and sink into blissful sleep.

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