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Single Duvet

Single duvets are traditionally 135 x 200 cm or 54 x 79 inches, making them the smallest size available. They are constructed to fit a single mattress with measurements of 90 x 190 cm or 2'1" x 6'3". Our selection of products will please any solo sleepers as well as adepts of the “double single” technique to make sure nobody hoards the duvet. You might get tempted with these soft and cuddly duvets which ensure optimal warmth while remaining light as a feather.

To feel comfortable all year round, make sure you pick the duvet that is right for you. With the help of our duvet guide you can find out if you need a higher tog or perhaps you would prefer a convertible all seasons duvet. Concerning the filling: goose, duck and eiderdown are all available from the best brands including Kauffmann, Dickenbergh and Falkenreck.

Did you know? The word “duvet” comes from the French “duvet”, meaning down! Another fun fact: All our duvets come with a 5 year warranty and custom sizing is free of charge.

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