Pillow Advice

Are you a stomach sleeper, a back sleeper or a side sleeper? For every position there is a different pillow! The right pillow is essential for good head-neck alignment. If you can take away unnecessary pressure from the neck, you will sleep much better.

Your Sleep, Your Choice

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Here’s our guide to finding the best pillow for every sleeping position. Do make sure to take any other personal preferences into account, as well as these.

The Stomach Sleeper

The stomach sleeper needs a thin and malleable pillow. Someone sleeping on their stomach generally holds the pillow in their arms, sleeping partially on their arms and partially on the pillow itself. To shape the pillow into the most comfortable position when sleeping on your front, choose at least 70% down or better yet, 80-90%.

The Side Sleeper

The side sleeper needs the highest and firmest of pillows, as they are bridging the largest distance between the side of the head and the mattress – the whole width of the shoulder. They will likely want at least a 60% feather fill and 40% down.

The Back Sleeper

A back sleeper will need a pillow with a middling thickness and firmness, such as 50% down and 50% feathers. If you prefer your pillow a little softer/harder, you can simply adjust it 60-40 or 40-60 accordingly.

Choose your Size

German Down Pillows

To keep things as simple as possible, our pillows are separated into three separate size categories, which are as follows:


As the name suggests, our standard-size pillows are the shape and size you are probably most familiar with already. Perfectly suited to standard double and single beds, our standard pillows can be customised with your chosen down and feather filling ratio for maximum comfort.


If on the other hand you’re lucky enough to own a king-size, super-king-size or emperor-size bed, you’ll need something a little larger to ensure there are no gaps or spaces. Our king-size pillow range has been designed exactly for this purpose and can likewise be customised with your choice of down and feather filling.


For a gorgeously elegant and decorative touch, our square pillows are simply stunning. Designed for sitting, relaxing and complimenting your bedroom in general, these bold, uncompromising statement pieces are the perfect finishing touch for your bed. Though not specifically designed for sleeping on, a luxurious bed just wouldn’t be complete without them!

For more information on any of the products featured on our website, get in touch with our customer care team.

Pillow Collection

We hold a collection of Dickenbergh, Falkenreck, Kauffmann, Otto Keller and Bielefelder pillows.