Finding the Right Pillow

Do you sleep on your stomach? What about on your back? Are you a side sleeper? For each position there is a different type of pillow and finding the correct pillow to match your preferred position is essential for good head-neck alignment. The correct pillow will be one which removes all unnecessary pressure from your neck. With the right pillow, you will sleep more soundly and feel way better in the morning!

A fine down pillow consists of high quality down and natural feathers, mixed together at various ratios depending on the intended firmness of the pillow. Feathers are heavier and bulkier, while down is softer and lighter. Therefore, a predominantly down pillow will be light and airy while one with relatively more feathers will be firmer.

The Right Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

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It is essential to choose a pillow which complements your sleeping position. The significance of this may not be obvious at first, but rest assured it will pay off in a better night's sleep and in healthier joints.

The Stomach Sleeper

The stomach sleeper needs a thin and malleable pillow. Those who sleep on their stomach generally hold a pillow in their arms, sleeping partially on their arms and partially on the pillow itself. To get the most comfort from a pillow, stomach sleepers should choose pillows with as much down as possible. We consider 70% down to be a minimum. However, we especially recommend pillows with 80% or 90% down.

The Side Sleeper

To sleep comfortably, the side sleeper needs a very thick and very firm pillow. This is because side sleepers rest with the largest distance between their head and the mattress –the entire width of their shoulder. Thus, side sleepers need a pillow with less down and more feathers. We recommend pillows made up of 60% feather and 40% down.

The Back Sleeper

For those who sleep on their backs, the ideal pillow is moderately thick and firm. We recommend a pillow which is equal parts down and feathers. If you prefer a softer pillow, try one which is 60% down and 40% feather. If firmness is your thing, reverse that ratio and get a pillow which is 60% feather and 40% down.

Choose Your Size

German Down Pillows

To maximize simplicity, our pillows are separated into three size categories:


As the name suggests, our standard-size pillows are the shape and size you are probably most familiar with. Perfectly suited for double and single beds, our standard pillows may be customised with a down and feather filling ratio of your choosing for your preferred level of comfort.


If you own a king, super-king, or emperor-size bed, then you’ll need something a little larger in order to ensure that there are no large gaps at the head of your bed. Our king size down pillow range has been designed exactly for this purpose and can likewise be customised with your choice of down and feather filling.


Gorgeous, distinctive, and elegant, our square pillows will bring a decorative touch to your bedroom. Designed for use while sitting or relaxing, these bold, uncompromising statement pieces are the perfect finishing touch for your bed. Though not specifically designed for sleeping on, a luxurious bed is incomplete without a square pillow.

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Pillow Collection

We hold a collection of Dickenbergh, Falkenreck, Kauffmann, Otto Keller and Bielefelder pillows.