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Since its founding in 1946, Otto Keller has grown to become one of the largest duvet producers in Germany. Otto Keller mainly supplies German crafts traders. Nonetheless, we offer and stock, exclusively for the British market, the Otto Keller Prestige and the Otto Keller Premium duvets! Read more about Otto Keller.

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Otto Keller, Progressive Since 1946

Beautiful Altenberge: this is where the Bettfedernfabrik Otto Keller is situated, founded by Otto Keller and his wife Elisabeth in 1946. In the first few years after the war, there was little for sale and very little money and so the first machines used by company were made by Otto Keller himself. These machines served them for a long time. After Otto Keller died, Elisabeth Keller ran the factory herself for a few years and subsequently with her new husband. After Elisabeth died in 1982, her son Wilhelm Wienker took over. He built up the medium-sized factory to be one of the largest duvet factories in Germany.

Aerial view of the Otto Keller down factory in Altenberge

At Home in All Aspects

Otto Keller is a so called “vollstufige” down factory. This means the whole process takes place within the factory: buying, sorting, washing and processing the down – everything from raw material to finishing the fine completed duvets and pillows. Because of its size, the Otto Keller factory can make a good product at a sharply competitive price.


We carry three Otto Keller models: the Classic, the Prestige and the Premium.

The Classic

Are you nostalgic? Are you looking for the sort of thick duvet you remember from holidays in Germany or Austria? Here it is: the Classic. This is how the Germans were bedded 50 years ago, and how a lot of them still are bedded – no-nonsense!

Otto Keller Prestige

90% down in a Ne 60 ticking – this is a duvet that also has served generations of Germans. Honest, no fuss, just good reliable quality.

Otto Keller Premium

100% down in a Ne 90 ticking. “This is crazy, what will we do with such superabundance?” is probably what Otto Keller would have said, but we’re happy to have it!