Kauffmann, Austria’s Pride Since 1896

Beside the Bodensee, next to a natural spring, lies the prestigious Kauffmann workshop. Since 1896, the Kauffmann name has been associated with luxurious sleep. You can feel it in the ticking, in the lightness of the duvets, and you can see it in the quality of the finish. Love and care for their product is tangible and noticeable down to the smallest detail! That is Kauffmann quality!

Kauffmann company presentation


Up until 2007, the Bettfedernfabrik Kauffmann was a family business in the Bregenz region in Austria. Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg took over the company in 2007 and pushed the business into the international luxury market.

Japan, Russia, Korea, China

Nowadays, Kauffmann depends on the Western European market for only 30% of its revenues. Every year, more and more people from Japan, Russia, Korea, and China join the ranks of satisfied Kauffmann customers.

Kauffmann workshop

Kauffmann, Hörbranz


We sell five Kauffmann models: the Legend, the Elegance, the Premium, the Princess, and the 900. All of them come with Kauffmann’s beautiful trademark finish.

Kauffmann Legend 650
Foremost in the collection is the Legend. There are simpler models, but we only sell Kauffmann’s top end ones. The Legend is a fine example of affordable luxury.

Kauffmann Elegance 700
A silver white-grey down sealed in a silver ticking. Traditionally, most people like to sleep under a white duvet because they are worried an alternative colour duvet will shine through the cover. Others prefer something bolder, such as this lovely duvet.

Kauffmann Premium 750
With a fill power of 750 cuin in a nano down batiste (Ne 120), Kauffmann calls this the “Premium” series, but we think that's an understatement for such an outstanding and exceptional product.

Kauffmann Princess 800
The Princess, with its luxury ticking and filling of pure white goose down, provides a truly royal sleeping experience. Lighter-than-feather comfort means you are in for a really refreshing night’s sleep.

Kauffmann 900
Just how far can Kauffmann go? They can go just about as far as you'd expect such a prestigious duvet manufacturer to go- 100% Pomeranian goose down and a ticking with Ne 145! What more can we say? This duvet will feel lighter and smoother than anything you've tried before.

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Kauffmann 1st Class Duvets – a Higher Level of Luxury

Kauffmann is famed throughout the world for producing duvets and pillows which are unashamedly comfortable and downright fabulous in every way. Nevertheless, this premium bedding brand also offers an ultra-premium ‘First Class’ collection that takes opulence to an even higher level than imagined.

The one thing all products across the Kauffmann 1st Class collection share is that they’re made of some of the world’s finest and rarest types of down. What’s more, each of the types of down used is limited in availability and universally-prized for incredible luxuriousness. From the down of the Austrian Meadow Goose, to that of the iconic Icelandic eider duck! With such luxury available across the entire range, deciding which immaculate work of art to go with is all choice and no compromise.

Kauffmann Austrian Weidegans
What makes this duvet so unique is the down, which comes from the Austrian Meadow Goose, also known as the Weidegans. The Weidegans are kept in small populations, which makes supply very limited and, thus, exclusive. Each year, only a few hundred duvets are filled with this variety of down, and this is precisely why global demand for these luxurious creations has never been higher. Manufactured by hand to the highest quality specifications, flawlessness comes standard with Kauffmann.


Kauffmann Hutterer
The Canadian Hutterites live in small, remote communities. Hutterites have a traditional agrarian lifestyle, which means the way they keep their livestock hasn't changed for generations. They live and work in accordance with their own rules and standards, raising and caring for geese in exactly the same manner as has been followed for many centuries. Access to free-range meadows and the most extraordinary living conditions contrast enormously with even the highest rearing standards used by conventional farmers. This extraordinary range of products from Kauffman illustrates the point perfectly that when it comes to producing down of other-worldly quality, Mother Nature knows best.

Kauffmann Queen of the Night
The most luxurious duvet of the Kauffmann collection. Other duvets simply do not come near the spectacularity of this product. It is manufactured by hand to the highest quality specifications and filled with 100% Icelandic eiderdown. Making an eider down duvet is a long-fought and labour-intensive process. From collecting the down to stitching the ticking, absolutely everything is done by hand. The insulation capacity of eiderdown is unsurpassed and it has a longer lifespan than any other kind of down available – up to an incredible 40 years! Though comparatively high in price, this extraordinary lifespan adds up to incredible value on a year by year basis. What’s more, after spending just one night in the company of this illustrious Kauffmann duvet, you'll find returning to a lower quality duvet unthinkable!

eider down


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