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Our mission here at is to provide luxurious sleep experiences to as many people as possible. That is why we offer premium down duvets to customers all over the world. To further our goal of improving people’s night lives, we are now offering our products to hoteliers as well as consumers. From Edinburgh to Munich, travelers are getting more out of their stays by sleeping under our sumptuous down duvets. If you work in the hospitality industry and are interested in improving the quality of your visitors’ rest, contact us for expert advice about down duvets in the hotel setting.

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Hotel customers, particularly those in the luxury travel bracket, strongly support improvements in the quality of bedding in the places where they stay. According to a Gallup poll written up in Business Journal, they are willing to pay extra for premium accoutrements in the bedding department. The report found that the quality of bedding is a significant factor in customers’ engagement with a hotel or brand. This is important because engaged customers become more loyal and less price sensitive. Another survey found that a large majority of respondents consider the comfort the beds in a hotel to be a very important factor in their choice of where to stay.

While a high-quality mattress is certainly a significant factor in producing a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Our many customers and their positive feedback attest to the importance of down duvets in getting the best possible rest.

All together these facts indicate that upgrading the duvets in your rooms can be a sound economic decision. Premium down duvets will improve the quality of your customers’ stay and encourage them make return visits. Many hotels focus on mattresses and sheets as a means of attracting customers to luxury sleep experiences. In doing so, some ignore the important role played by duvets.

According to an extensive Bedroom Poll by WB&A Market Research, duvets rank only a few percentage points below mattresses and pillows in consumers' perception of the most important factors leading to comfortable night's sleep. To us, this indicates that providing guests with luxury down duvets can be an easy way of making nights in your rooms stand out above the competition.

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