Goose Down Duvet vs Duck Down Duvet

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to choose between a goose down duvet and a duck down duvet. Let us help you to make up your mind. Goose down provides slightly higher insulation compared to duck down. When comparing a down duvet of equal size, the duck duvet has approximately 87% of the insulating power found in a goose down.

Furthermore, the tufts of the goose down are somewhat larger than that found within the duck’s, which contributes some way to explaining the high demand for goose down, and therefore its higher price tag.

That said, no matter what you decide, always be sure to go for a premium quality down duvet. A high quality duck down duvet is always better than a goose down duvet of poor quality.


The most exclusive down duvet is an eiderdown, and for very good reason. Often gathered in Iceland, the down of the eider duck is hand-picked from birds' nests at the end of the breeding season, with each nest providing around 20 grams of down. After the picking, the down is then cleaned by hand and specially kept.

We stock various eiderdown duvets.

Eider duck on down

Eiderdown, hand-picked in Iceland

Down regulations

Back in 2001, European legislation was introduced which necessitated clear information for consumers in regards to the composition of down duvets. The EN 12934 regulates labelling for fillings made up of either feathers or down.

They are the first and only labelling regulations that have been developed and implemented by all EU and EFTA states. The EN12934 norm is applicable to both duvets and pillows, with the labelling required to demonstrate the following information at a minimum:

- Origin
- Colour of the stuffing
- Proportion of down to feathers expressed as a %
- Sub divisions in classes (from class I to class V)
--> Class I: only new down and feathers
--> Class II: recycled down and feathers or other stuffing material up to 15%
--> Class III: Percentage of “strange” stuffing may be 15% or more.

The duvets we offer
- are filled with down from the highest class: down class I
- contain at least 90% down

Where possible we always mention the fill power of the down in our duvets. This is the only objective measurement for down.

Read more about the fill power of down or go to the EDFA website if you want to read all about the EN12934 norm.


Down is a layer of fine feathers, found under the tougher exterior feathers of the birds. Down is an excellent thermal insulator used in goods such as jackets, bedding (duvets), pillows and sleeping bags. Rather than quills, a down cluster has a round centre called a plumule. Soft and airy, down features thousands of tiny fibres that radiate from its core. This provides an even amount of warmth across an entire surface area and is one of the main reasons why down is considered the most superior of all duvet fillings.

Down Duvet Buyers Guide

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