Small and Fine: Falkenreck Workshop

The Falkenreck workshop is located close to the beautiful Teutoburg Forest. Since the 1970s, their duvets are all 100% handmade. From cutting and sewing the ticking, to filling the boxes and hand-stitching – everything is hand crafted with a great amount of love.

Take a look inside the Falkenreck workshop


Dieter Falkenreck's first job? Representative for a well-known ticking producer. He witnessed the crafts trade start to produce fewer and fewer duvets and ticking suppliers trying to transform themselves into down manufacturers. Of course Dieter could do that too! Together with his wife, he started “Atelier Falkenreck”. Dieter drove around to build up clientele while Frau Falkenreck managed the workshop and superved production.

The 21st Century

Nowadays, Betten Falkenreck is a lot bigger, but the idea is still the same! Dieter runs the sales and marketing together with his daughter Iris, while Frau Falkenreck wields the sceptre over the workshop. A golden combination!

Team Falkenreck

The Falkenreck team


We sell three Falkenreck models

Falkenreck Silver Edition

A basic for Falkenreck. Lovely luxury on a limited budget!

Falkenreck Gold Edition

A lovely, soft ticking which has been filled with beautiful down (over 800 CUIN). This is Falkenreck's best goose down duvet. When you see the finish of this duvet, you will understand why “Atelier Falkenreck” is written with a capital “A”.

Eiderdown: Falkenreck Queen Diamond

An exquisite and stunning nano batiste (Ne 120), filled with eiderdown from Greenland. This is the pinnacle of sleeping comfort and is worth every penny.


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