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Luxury Down Pillows

On the path to blissful sleep the right pillow plays a central role. Enjoy our extensive selection of the finest duck or goose down pillows, for each preference and in all sizes. Please note the first number next to the pillow’s name is the proportion of down to feathers.

Using a pillow that is well adapted to you and your sleeping habits is essential to ensure you get a resourcing night of sleep and release tension on your neck. What kind of sleeper are you? For further pillow advice, information on sizing, fill power, feather to down ratio and density keep reading on our down pillow advice page.

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  • Falkenreck 30 - 50x75

    Falkenreck 30 - 50x75
    30% goose down, 70% goose feather
    Fill weight:
    550 g
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Down Duvet Buyer's Guide

Choose your Duvet in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Duvet size: Which duvet size do I need?
  2. Tog: Choose the right tog
  3. Fill power: What is Fill Power?
  4. Ticking: Good down belongs in a good ticking

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