Dickenbergh, Affordable Luxury

The Dickenbergh workshop in Neckartal, Germany (Baden-Württemberg) has a clear statement: making luxury attainable. For 85 years now, the workshop has stood for a good night’s rest. The base of the collection is a selection of the best materials available. True craftsmen with an eye for detail provide the finishing touches.

Dickenbergh workshop

The Dickenbergh Workshop


After the Second World War destroyed Germany, the country needed to be built up from scratch. Small craftsmen’s workshops thrived in the vacuum left after the destruction of big industry and were among the first businesses to remerge. One of those artisanal businesses was the Dickenbergh workshop.

Number 1 in Europe

With an eye for detail and design, the Dickenbergh collection is made with a lot of love. Traditionally crafted in their own workshop, Dickenbergh is sold across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and of course England. Dickenbergh is synonymous with both guaranteed quality and competitive pricing.


We hold three models of Dickenbergh: the Niedersachsen, the Holstein and the Emsland. For three generations, sleeping comfort has been at the core of the Stumpf family’s work.

Dickenbergh Niedersachsen

With 90% goose down and a Ne 80 ticking this duvet is a good example of a typically German duvet. Luxury and simplicity combined.

Dickenbergh Holstein

A lovely down in a beautiful German ticking. This is the way to really pamper yourself.

Dickenbergh Emsland

The Emsland has exceptional fill power and a great ticking – simply add an attractive cover and you will be enjoying an exceptional night’s sleep.

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Dickenbergh Manufaktur Collection

Three exclusive duvets from the Dickenbergh workshop in Germany. The 'Manufaktur 730', the 'Manufaktur 800' and the 'Eiderdown'. Beautiful, 100% hand-made down duvets of the finest quality. Each cover is cut to size by hand, after which each section is filled with flawless accuracy.

Dickenbergh Manufaktur 730

The Manufaktur 730 is filled with the most incredible Hungarian goose down. Your quilt is then hand-finished and extensively inspected for absolute perfection – an entirely higher standard in elite bedding.

Dickenbergh Manufaktur 800

Every bit as beautiful and refined as the Manufaktur730, with an even more incredible kind of down. The high-insulation capacity means that less down is required in order to achieve the same outstanding insulating value. In combination with its wonderfully fine ticking (Ne 120), this 100% hand-made quilt is extremely light and blissfully comfortable.

Dickenbergh Eiderdown

The true flagship of the Dickenbergh collection - the insulation capacity of eiderdown is unparalleled, with a lifespan of an incredible five decades. This world-class duvet is painstakingly manufactured 100% by hand, using the finest-quality materials and manufacturing techniques. From the harvesting of the down to stitching the ultra-light Ne 120 ticking, this truly is the pinnacle of elite comfort and luxury for the home.

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