Dickenbergh, Affordable Luxury

The Dickenbergh workshop has a motto which cuts to the core of the company: making luxury attainable. For 85 years, Dickenbergh has stood for good sleep and a taste of luxury lifestyle in the bedroom. The foundation of the collection rests on the best materials available, worked by the most experienced craftsmen.

Dickenbergh workshop

The Dickenbergh Workshop


After the Second World War destroyed Germany, the country needed to be rebuilt from scratch. Small businesses and workshops thrived in the vacuum left by the destruction of big industry and. One of those artisanal businesses was the Dickenbergh workshop.

Number 1 in Europe

With an eye for detail and a mind for customer satisfaction, the Dickenbergh products are made with the utmost care. Traditionally crafted in their own workshop, Dickenbergh is sold across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and of course the United Kingdom. Dickenbergh guarantees quality and prices competitively.


We carry three types of Dickenbergh duvet: the Niedersachsen, the Holstein and the Emsland.

Dickenbergh Niedersachsen

With 90% goose down and an Ne 80 ticking this is a good example of a typically German duvet. Luxury and simplicity in perfect harmony.

Dickenbergh Holstein

Lovely Canadian goose down in beautiful German ticking. A subtle but satisfying way to pamper yourself.

Dickenbergh Emsland

The Emsland has exceptional fill power and a great ticking – simply add an attractive cover and you will be enjoying an exceptional night’s sleep.

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Dickenbergh Manufaktur Collection

An indulgent step up from the standard collection, the duvets of the Dickenbergh Manufaktur line are the pinnacle of luxury. These are beautiful, 100% hand-made down duvets of the finest quality. Each cover is cut to size by hand, after which each section is filled with care and precision.

Dickenbergh Manufaktur 730

The Manufaktur 730 is filled with the lightest and purest Hungarian goose down. The quilt is then hand-finished and extensively inspected for absolute perfection – an entirely new standard in elite bedding.

Dickenbergh Manufaktur 800

Every bit as beautiful and refined as the Manufaktur730, with a rarer, superior down filling. The high-insulation capacity means that less down is required in order to achieve the same outstanding insulating value, amounting to a much lighter duvet. To match this splendour, Dickenbergh uses wonderfully fine ticking (Ne 120), making the 800 blissfully comfortable.

Dickenbergh Eiderdown

The prized eiderdown which fills this duvet makes it the uncontested flagship of the Dickenbergh collection. A marvel of nature, eiderdown offers incredible insulation for little weight. Light as a cloud and twice comfortable, the Dickenbergh Eiderdown is unquestionably a luxury product. But unlike many others it is one you know you will use every single day, not just for one year but decades to come. Eiderdown's softness is matched only by its lifespan, which can me measured by the half-century. With ultra-light Ne 120 ticking, everything about this duvet works together to create one of the finest duvets on the market.

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