Dickenbergh Niedersachsen

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  • 4.93 / 5.00

Product Information

Fill Weight1020 g, 1065 g, 1120 g, 1145 g, 1225 g, 1270 g, 1345 g, 1460 g, 1570 g, 1740 g, 250 / 520 g, 250 g, 275 / 575 g, 275 g, 360 / 820 g, 360 g, 380 g, 395 / 820 g, 395 g, 415 g, 430 / 895 g, 430 g, 475 / 980 g, 475 g, 515 / 1065 g, 515 g, 520 g, 540 g, 555 / 1145 g, 555 g, 575 g, 595 g, 615 / 1270 g, 615 g, 650 g, 715 g, 745 g, 770 g, 785 g, 820 g, 830 g, 895 g, 920 g, 980 g
Filling90% Goose down
Fill Power635 cuin
Washing Instructions40°C washable
StitchingSewn through, Stitched with inner baffles, 1,5 cm, Stitched with inner baffles, 2 cm, Summer part sewn through, Spring/Autumn part stitched with inner baffles, 1,5 cm
FabricDown batiste, 100% cotton, Ne 80
Textile CertificationOEKO-TEX® Standard 100
DeliveryUK & Europe: 10 to 12 working days. Rest of the world: up to 10 days extra
Anti-AllergySuited, Nomite™ Certified
Guarantee5 Years
NmNe 80
Filling90% Canadian Goose Down, 10% small feathers
TraceabilityYes, DownPass certified

Product Description

Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) and Westphalia are not only geographically close. The Niedersachsen duvet surpasses the Dickenbergh Westfalen slightly with a better fill power and a higher quality down batiste rated Ne 80.

This down duvet is filled with 90% goose down and encased in 100% cotton fabric, also made by the Italian Siretessile. Beautifully bright white, supple, and exquisitely finished, this fabric is done with a double edge stitch and has a mild luster to it. The duvet also has a slight but noticeable rustle. If you enjoy the sound of gently rustling fabrics, this is a good choice for you. If you’re looking for something that won’t produce as much sound when rustled, it may be best to look for a duvet with a higher Ne, Ne 90 being your quietest option.

This is a typical German duvet - comfortable and functional without frills.


With an eye for detail and customer satisfaction as a top priority, Dickenbergh products are made with the utmost care. Crafted using traditional methods in the workshop, Dickenbergh duvets and pillows are sold throughout Europe and even further afield. Choose Dickenbergh and rest assured of superior quality.

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We've been selling duvets from the same artisan suppliers for over 15 years. All this experience has shown us not only that the duvets we offer are exceptional, but also that they last. So we have decided to offer a 5 year guarantee on all our duvets.