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Only the best is good enough where your night’s rest is concerned. To help you get the best rest, Dickenbergh fills only the finest down. High-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship produce duvets whose lightness will astound you before soothing you into a pleasant sleep. Dickenbergh means quality down. Read more about the Dickenbergh workshop.

Dickenbergh, Affordable Luxury

The Dickenbergh workshop has a motto which cuts to the core of the company: making luxury affordable. Ever since 2013, Dickenbergh stands for good sleep and a taste of luxurious lifestyle in the bedroom. At Dickenbergh the collection is built on the following beliefs: take the best materials available and put them in the hands of the most experienced craftsmen.

Dickenbergh employee The Dickenbergh Workshop

Tradition Through Modernity

The story of Dickenbergh begins in 2013 in the small town of Aglasterhausen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Right from the start, Dickenbergh challenged traditional players in the down comforter industry and started to supply demanding customers. Eventually mainly in Europe: occasionally, worldwide.

Number 1 in Europe

With an eye for detail and a mind for customer satisfaction, Dickenbergh products are made with the utmost care. Traditionally crafted in the workshop, Dickenbergh products are sold across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and of course the United Kingdom. If you choose Dickenbergh, you are assured of quality for a competitive price.


The Dickenbergh collection carries five types: the Westfalen, the Niedersachsen, the Mecklenburg, the Holstein and the Emsland. All of which are made with the finest Sanders from Germany ticking.

Dickenbergh Westfalen

A robust Ne 40 ticking filled with German goose down (90% down, 10% small feathers). The classic Dickenbergh duvet. This down duvet has been a bestseller for years.

Dickenbergh Niedersachsen

With 90% goose down and a ticking of Ne 60, this is a good example of a typical German duvet. Luxury and simplicity in perfect harmony.

Dickenbergh Mecklenburg

The Dickenbergh Mecklenburg is filled with Polish goose down (100% down). This exquisite down is trapped in a luxurious down batiste, Ne 60. This is the most popular and most sold down duvet on Downduvet.co.uk

Dickenbergh Holstein

Lovely Canadian goose down in beautiful German ticking. A subtle but satisfying way to pamper yourself.

Dickenbergh Emsland

The Emsland has exceptional fill power and a great ticking – simply add an attractive cover and you will be enjoying an exceptional night’s sleep.

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