90 Years of Tradition: Bielefelder Verse

The Verse family workshop has brought artisanal duvets to satisfied customers since 1926. Founded by Fritz Verse, the family business has made its home in Bielefeld Schildesche since Fritz’s son Friedrich relocated the workshop.

The Third and Fourth Generations

Florian Verse
Florian Verse

These days Friedrich-Wilhelm and his son Florian run the workshop. Together they are planning expansions into new workshops and discovering innovative ways to guide the company to a bright future.

Family ties and more than 90 years of dedication to the art of duvet making has produced a proud company, staffed by individuals with a passion for high-quality products. Just as down and feathers are joined to create quality duvets, tradition and technology go hand in hand at Verse’s.

Bielefelder Verse is a ‘vollstufige’ manufacturer. The entire process from washing and selecting the down, to sewing up the ticking takes place in the workshop. Skilled craftsmen and a thoroughly controlled production process allow Verse to guarantee the quality of their duvets. Be assured that you can sleep safe and sound under a Verse duvet.


We sell three Bielefelder Verse models:

Bielefelder Verse Classic

90% Hungarian duck down in a soft cotton ticking.

Bielefelder Verse DeLuxe

A premium quality Labrador duck down duvet, sewed up in a sumptuous cotton ticking.

Bielefelder Verse Harmonie

Want to spoil yourself, or someone you care for? This duvet is filled with 100% snow goose down and stitched up in the finest German ticking available.


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