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Premium Anti-Allergy Down Duvets

If you suffer from an allergy to dust mites, you may have realised that beds and pillows are amongst their favourite spots. Thankfully, you also probably know that treatments have been developed to offer protection against this allergen.

No need to compromise on comfort! Sometimes having this criteria reduces your options for choice but not on We carry over 600 products for all seasons and in all sizes, which carry the Nomite quality assurance mark. This means that they have a tightly woven fabric envelope that creates a “mites barrier”. This way you can enjoy all the advantages of down: breathability, warmth, longevity and lightness alongside the guarantee of an anti-allergy duvet.

To learn more about dust mites allergies (and Nomite) in general and get more tips on how to get a blissful night of sleep, check-out our article on allergy and down duvets.

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